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Gold coins are at a 100:1 ratio which means that every 100 virtual coins is equivalent to 1 peso.



Your referral count will reset every

12 AM, with 400 referrals as the maximum limit of referrals per user every day. 


10% Bonus

When receiving daily coins from referrals, the referred account will also receive a 10% bonus.


Claim Coins

Event participants must have a registered Bola.TV account with a profile name. Once you meet the criteria, a “Claim Coins” button will appear on the app.


Coin Transfer

Your collected gold coins will be transferred to your Bola.TV wallet and can only be withdrawn to Bola.TV’s partner mobile payment apps, Gcash and Maya.



The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 pesos. Users can only convert the gold coins ONCE a day. Gold Coins can be withdrawn after 24 hours of gathering referrals.


Still experiencing difficulties?

Here are most of the questions asked that might help you:

No bonus referrals after 400 invites?

  • The daily referral limit is 400 invites. Referral count resets back every 12 AM.

Are you confused about Gold coin conversion?

  • Gold coins are subjected to a 100:1 ratio, each 100 virtual coins is equivalent to 1 peso.

I can't find the button to withdraw?

  • Withdrawals are only allowed on Bola.TV’s partner mobile payment apps, such as Gcash and Maya

Why can't I convert my Gold coins to Peso?

  • Users can only convert the gold coins ONCE a day. Gold Coins can be withdrawn after 24 hours of gathering referrals.

Denied 50 pesos withrawal?

  • The minimum withdrawal per transaction is set to at least 100 pesos.

What should I do if I still haven't received the withdrawn funds in my account? 

  • If you have withdrawn funds and haven't received it in your receiving account, please check the following possible reasons:

  • Incorrect Account Information: Ensure that the account information you provided (bank account or payment platform account) is correct. Bola.TV will not be accountable for an incorrect account information inputted.

  • Withdrawal Records: Log into your withdrawal records to confirm whether the request has been processed. If the withdrawal status is marked as "completed" but you haven't received the funds, continue reading below.

  • Withdrawal Processing Time: Please note that for withdrawals exceeding 1,000 pesos, we may require manual confirmation. This can result in longer processing times. After confirmation, the money will arrive in your account. 

  • Payment Provider Busyness: Sometimes, delays can occur due to busy payment processing providers or technical issues. This situation is temporary but may affect the processing time of your withdrawal.

  • If you have checked the above and the issue remains unresolved, please contact our customer support for further assistance and guidance. We are committed to helping you resolve any withdrawal-related concerns.

You can also fill up the form below if you are still experiencing difficulties.

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